How To Create a Steam Account – Register Dota 2 Free

If you want play game DOTA 2 or other games on Steam, You have three steps: Step 1 – Download Steam and install steam, Step 2 – Create a Steam Account, Step 3 – Download and install game with Steam. In this article, we help you create a steam account for play DOTA 2

How to Create Steam Account, Register DOTA 2 accountCreate Steam Account, Register DOTA 2 account

We have 2 way to register steam account (DOTA 2 account):

1. Register Steam from Steam software

2. Sign up Steam from website

In this tutorial we talk about register steam from Steam software.

Instruction on how to create steam account for dota 2 and other games

With one steam account, you can play all games on Steam store. We have 8 steps to create Steam account

Step 1: Create new Steam account

After you install steam, click Steam icon on desktop to run Steam application, When Steam start screen appear (like picture below), click “Create New Account” to start Create Steam Account

create steam new accountClick Create New Account

Step 2: Agree Steam Agreement

– First: Click “I Agree” to agree with the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement to continue

Steam Subscriber AgreementClick “I Agree”

– Second: Click “I Agree” to agree wwith the terms of the Valve Privacy Policy to continue

terms of the Valve Privacy PolicyClick “I Agree”

Step 3: Provide a Steam Account Name and Password

Please provide a steam account name (choose Your own Steam nickname) and steam password, this account and password used to log in steam. When enter password please be sure to make your password strong and hard to guess, at least 8 characters.

provide a steam account name and passwordClick “Next” to continue

Step 4: Provide email for accounts STEAM Account

Please enter your Steam account email address. If you forget your password, you will be contacted via this email to verify your identify and reset password.

Enter Steam Account Email AddressClick “Next” to continue

Step 5: Choose and answer secret question

As an additional security measure, please select a secret question and provide the answer. This will be used if you ever forget your Steam password

Choose and answer secret questionClick “Next” to continue

Step 6: Please wait while Steam account is being created

creating steam accountSteam is creating accout, wait

And now, Steam account was created:

create steam account complete

Step 7: Verify Email – Steam account

– When open Steam in the first time, you will see the message “Is this still your current email address?” , click “Yes” then click “Next” to send Steam verify email

Step 1 - Verify email

– Then Check your email inbox, open Steam verify email and click on verify link:

Step 2 - Verify steam email

– And this message appear:

Step 3 - Verify steam email

Now that you’ve completed the sign up Steam