Download UltraSurf – Fake IP software for Windows 7,8,10

Created by Ultrareach Internet Corporation, Ultrasurf is a free proxy-based tool for internet privacy and security which allows you to break through any firewalls, access websites blocked by government and protect your identity.

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Break Through Censorship and Protect Privacy with Ultrasurf

Initially, Ultrasurf was created to help users in China who looking for a way to access the Internet safety and freely. Ultrasurf has become an effective tool to help internet user bypass censorship and protect their private information gradually.

Ultrasurf will prevent your IP address from being exposed and clear your entire web browsing including history, cookies and even more.

By using very strong encryption, Ultrasurf guarantee not let your information leak to third parties.

Last but not less, Ultrasurf becomes the popular software with more than a million users because it provides users the freedom to access any websites which are blocked by the authority.

Why Should You Use Ultrasurf

Free download Ultrasurf software for windows

Firstly, it breaks through any internet censorship and allows users to access websites which are blocked by the government.

Secondly, Ultrasurf is equipped with strong encryption with high standard. Therefore, users don’t have to worry about their private information being exposed. Another notable function of Ultrasurf is that it is able to hide your IP address and cover your online traces.

To use Ultrasurf, you can use it directly without installing. Finally, Ultrasurf has friendly interface that is easy to use for everyone.

Free Download Ultrasurf and Change your IP now

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