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Full information about firefox and download latest mozilla firefox online setup version and download firefox offline – standalone version for free.

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Download Mozilla Firefox

Whenever mentioning a website browser to surf the internet at high speed, Mozilla Firefox is always one of the first names. Not only being one of the most popular web browsers in the world, Mozilla Firefox could bring the best experiences to its users.

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What Make Mozilla Firefox Become Popular

Mozilla Firefox is a multi-purpose web browser. It provides a huge utility store which allows users to access the content, open tab, bookmark directly, search and download information, etc… from the Internet. Security and safety features makes Firefox become favorite website for many people because it is integrated with a lot of utilities which ensure your privacy.

Furthermore, Firefox has been developed by a third party so it has a wide range of new features that offer users the best experience. Users can also customize Firefox’s functions easily such as customizing the searching function or language. Your Firefox can change the language automatically due to your IP address.

What Make Mozilla Firefox Become Popular

Another amazing feature of this web browser is that it can automatically update add-ons and you can also disable this function whenever you don’t want to.

What can Mozilla Firefox do?

As mentioned, Mozilla Firefox is a multi-purpose web browser and it is designed with a lot of features. There are seven main features of Firefox that you should know.

Firstly, Mozilla Firefox is high appreciated by its security system. This system is created by a series of utilities. Firefox will send users notification to alert whenever users are going to access a website with potential dangerous content. Moreover, Firefox is also equipped with antivirus software which keep computer safe.

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Secondly, Firefox Browser protect you from being exposed in the Internet. In other words, this amazing feature make you invisible and cover up your trace when you access websites by deleting web browsing history after you close the browser. You can also activate incognito tab in order not to let people know what you have done.

Moreover, Firefox’s users have the opportunities to access with a huge application store. It depends on users to create new features of their own, for instance, users can add ads filer, speed up application and web personalization easily.

Accelerate launching is another feature of Mozilla Firefox. Designed with acceleration technology, this website browser reduces times to load a website. This browser is faster than other software with the same function. As well as that, Firefox’s user can quit the browsers quickly even when their computers become slow down or even crash.

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Download Firefox in your language

Besides, being one of the most popular browser in the world, Firefox supports up to 79 languages including English, French, Germany, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and so on. Also, this browser is compatible to with many different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac and even the mobile operating system of Google, Android. (Get firefox with your language here)

Finally, thanks to the notification, users can always are informed of the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Once you open the browser, Firefox will immediately check whether the website browser has been developed or not. Along with the features below, Firefox can also update and upgrade add-ons automatically if you turn on this feature.

Download Mozilla Firefox Free for Windows and Mac OS

You can download and install firefox browser for Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10), Mac OS (All version) and Linux ubuntu, please use link below to download firefox to your computer:

Free Download Firefox Setup Online for Windows

Click “Download Here” button to start download Firefox installer online


Download Firefox Offline Installer for Windows OS

To download Firefox offline setup, click “Download Here” button to start


Then you can install Firefox for Windows by following instruction:

1. Double click on Firefox Setup Stub.exe (or Firefox Setup.exe) to run Firefox installer

2. When Security Dialog appears click “Yes” or “Run” to authorize Firefox installer

3. Read and follow the Mozilla Firefox Installer instructions to complete setup Firefox Browser to your computer.

Download Firefox setup for Mac OS

With Mac OS, you only have one link to download firefox and install, please click on the button to start download:


If you have any problem when download firefox, please visit this site to find and download your version – Hope you download, install firefox successful and enjoy it!