How I can get a Free reset key WIC Reset Utility

If you’re new to using WIC Reset Utility and would like to explore its features, you may be wondering how to get a free trial reset key.

A reset key is a unique code that enables you to reset your Epson printer’s waste ink counter, which can help fix errors and restore its functionality.

With this free key, you can reset the waste ink counter to 80% and get on with your work.

Also, using the free key gives you confidence that the software is working properly and can fix your printer, then buy a reset key to reset the waste ink counter to 0%.

Get a Free Reset Key for WIC Reset Utility

The WIC Trial Reset Key is a software tool used to reset the waste ink counter on certain models of Epson and Canon printers – Fix Canon supported 5B00 error code.

Currently, the trial key cannot be used for Canon printers but only for Epson printers.

What is a Waste ink counter? why do you have to reset it when overflows?

A waste ink counter is a feature found in many inkjet printers that keeps track of the amount of ink that has been used during printing and maintenance operations, such as cleaning cycles.

Inkjet printers use ink cartridges to produce prints, and during normal printing, a small amount of ink is used to create each page. However, over time, the printer also uses ink to clean and maintain its print heads, which can result in a buildup of excess ink in the printer’s waste ink tank.

The waste ink counter is designed to monitor this process and alert the user when the waste ink tank is full. At this point, the printer will typically stop working until the waste ink tank is emptied or replaced.

When the waste toner counter is full (reaching 100%), the printer stops working. Now you need to reset the waste ink counter to 0% the printer will work again.

Free Epson Reset Key for WIC Reset Utility

At the time of writing, there are two free reset keys: trial and TRIAL you can try one of them.

However, the free reset key may change over time. You can visit the page: Free Reset Key of and follow the instructions to get the free reset key.

how to get free reset key

Where to buy the reset key and how to save money

After successfully resetting the printer with a free reset key, you should consider buying a reset key to reset the printer waste ink counter to 0%.

Because with the free key reset, the waste ink counter is only reset to 80% and will quickly reach 100% after several prints.

To buy a reset key, please visit here: Buy Reset Key

You will be taken to the website, from where you can order a reset key by VISA, Master Card, or Paypal.

How to save money when buying a reset key?

At we see that when you buy 2 keys at a time or more, you will be automatically used a 10% discount Coupon.

So buy 2 keys or more to get a discount and save money.