Download IrfanView and install on Windows 7,8,10 free

IrfanView is an image viewer application which allows you to view, edit and convert graphics files quickly.

All about IrfanView Software

Download IrfanView and install on Windows 7,8,10 free

This image viewer tools support a variety of graphic format including BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, PNG, PCX and multipage TIFF and TGA.

IrfanView is not only an image viewer tools, it offer you the ability to drag-and-drop effect, directory viewing, TWAIN support, slideshow, batch conversion and edit such as adjusting color depth, crop, blur or sharpen as you want.

The design of IrfanView is quite simple and friendly, therefore, it is easy to use for everyone. You can set an image as your desktop background directly from the application and edit your picture perfectly just in a few clicks.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of IrfanView

On one hand, IrfanView has a lot of advantages. For instance, it gives you detail information. When you use this application for the first time, there will be a window which shows you common questions about this application. You can find useful information and guidelines from the page and you can access anytime you need because it is attached on Help menu.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of IrfanView

You can even find a list of the preset hot keys the program contains. This list is updated and covers by every operation that IrfanView can carry out. Once you know the hot keys, you are able to edit picture very well.

On the other hands, IrfanView does have some disadvantage. Although it allows you to edit and manipulate images, you can undo only one times and this application does not support you to preview certain changes before you do.

Confused navigation is a disadvantage. There are so many tools on the top of interface. To use these tools, you have to access directly to the drop-down Image menu above the toolbar. This process costs you more time than you want but this is only an issue when you don’t get hot keys for the most common features.

Review about IrfanView program

In the bottom line, IrfanView is the great program for editing, viewing, and converting and slideshow creation for free. You can edit and create beautiful pictures quickly with its super-streamlines installation process.

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iview442g_setup.exe – 9224e71ade7c66ab7b41075be0b9e35703227a14914c02359b470312afb566bf – 71d9ebb853d126bfcb3f5f4696acb12928b601edf9c481f259495ad15e992503


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Since year 2003, IrfanView has over 1 Million downloads every month.