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Ccleaner Download Free – CCleaner Installer and CCleaner portable latest version for Windows directly from developers CCleaner compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 including both 32bit and 64bit

Download CCleaner Setup Official and CCleaner portable

CCleaner is one of the top programs to clean up and speed up the computer system. Being a lightweight methodology, CCleaner is the ideal computer software which supports users to clean the unneccessary files in their computer just in few steps without leaving any traces in the computer system.

Information about CCleaner Program and Download CCleaner

Nowadays, there is a variety of programs that help users clean and optimize the computer system. In comparison with the other tools of the same function, the utility of CCleaner is considered as one of the most effective one. By looking for and remove faults or error in the computer system easily, CCleaner gets rid off redundant programs and create more free space in computer’s hard drive. Therefore, it speeds up a slow computer.

Free download ccleaner
CCleaner is Free

A cluttered Registry can slow Windows to a crawl and CCleaner is the effective tool to clean it easily. Besides, this software also supports users to debug and remove the error programs or unwanted program which slow down the computer. Also, it could remove the temporary files on web browsers and accelerate your web browsing.

What can CCleaner do?

There are five main features of this cleansing window software. After installing CCleaner, you can clean the system effectively by setting time to clean up redundant files or programs in your computer or trash created by running different program.

What can CCleaner do?
About CCleaner

Also, running CCleaner helps improve the efficiency of the computer. Being lightweight software, it performs the cleaning window task easily and quickly so your PC could run faster.

On top of that, CCleaner can support users to clean out registry so the computer being fewer errors. It means the registry run faster as well as the computer. This feature is highly appreciated by users.

As well as that, by cleansing out the temporary files on web browsers, internet accessing speed get faster due to the fact that all cookies, cache or web browsing history have been deleted, thanks to CCleaners.

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CCleaner Interface

Last but not least, this computer software is designed friendly which is easy to use and understand. Just by few clicks, users can choose which features they want to apply and then speed up the computer system in no time.

Download CCleaner for Windows with link download from oficial website

System Requirements: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or Windows XP. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

File Size: 6.36MB

Price: Free


Download CCleaner setup version for installing to Computer

– Click link below to download file Setup CCleaner to your computer


Or download CCleaner from (CCleaner’s Official Site)

Then you can install CCleaner by following instruction:

1. Double click on ccsetupXYZ.exe (ZYZ is CCleaner’s current version) to run CCleaner installer

2. When Security Dialog appears click “Yes” or “Run” to authorize CCleaner installer

3. Read and follow the CCleaner Installer instructions to complete setup CCleaner to your computer.

Download CCleaner portable run without installing

You can download by click to “Download Here” button or download CCleaner from Download Builds site


CCleaner – Download Builds

With CCLeaner portable that we offer: You don’t need to install CCleaner to your computer. All you have to do is download (ZYZ is CCleaner’s current version) and extract to any folder or USB thumb drives then click CCleaner.exe to start Clean up your PC or any PC you want. – Hope you enjoy CCleaner!