Download Game Minecraft – All About Minecraft

Minecraft is a thrilling game which let players build a world by their own hands and become master of this world. In this game, players will use their imagination and creativity to create unique buildings and structures, fight against horrified monsters every night. Minecraft is the game for all types of ages.

Download Game Minecraft - All About Minecraft

All about Game Minecraft

Minecraft is a story about human evolution in a blocky, pixelated world. At first, players will be left alone in a semi-randomly generated world without any introduction. Their mission is to mine for material step by step. It might sounds difficult because player’s tool is only their own hands. In this pìxelated and generated world, player’s bare hands have enough power to cut down trees and collect wood.

Then, players will create planks and sticks from these woods. These things are essential objects to make a workbench which let players create craft tool and more objects later on. From the basic wooden tools, players start to work with other material to create metal tools, armor and weapon will be created. By these tools, players can survive in fights against monsters, create structures and become the master of the world in Game Minecraft.

In Survival mood, the monsters will come out once the sun sets. Therefore, this time is quite dangerous. Players either fight against these monsters or build a shelter and hide until the sun rises. The second choice is always better.

Meanwhile, in Creative Mode, players are free from monsters or any other threats. This mood let them free to unique buildings or structures as they like. It is getting more interesting when you play this mood with family and friends. Because the game offers players the ability of creativity, Minecraft is family friendly and it is the game for all types of ages. Even you are playing Survival Mod, it is still family friendly.

All about Game Minecraft

Unbelievable Freedom and Creativity

Minecraft might be a little confused at first because players is left alone at a randomly place without any instruction. Fortunately, players can find detailed information about this game online so that they will understand how to play the game. Once you get the basic things, this game becomes really fun. Not much games offer you such freedom like Minecraft does.

The graphic of Minecraft is simply beautiful with the blocky style. Because of the blocky style, players can figure out the material needed to mine easily. Furthermore, the scenarios are impressive and you cannot get your eyes off the beauty of sunset or sunrise. Sound effects are simple but very effective.

Minecraft – the Game for Everybody

In Minecraft, players are able to get out-of-box, being creative and be free. They can do whatever they want. Few games offer players such freedom and creativity.

If you are interested, click on the link below to download Minecraft. However, you must have a paid account on Minecraft net. Otherwise, you can play The Minecraft Class. However, it does not have much feature like the current version.

Download Game Minecraft

Minecraft for Windows

Download and run Minecraft.msi. This will install Minecraft and create a shortcut in your start menu. If you’d like a version without an installer, you may use Minecraft.exe instead. You do not need Java installed to run either of these.


Alternative link: Download Here

Download Minecraft Multiplayer Server

If you’re running on Windows and just want to set up a server easily, download minecraft_server.1.8.8.exe and run it.