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Need For Speed World is a free online edition of a series of racing video games for multiplayer. Since it is a massively multiplayer open world game (MMOG) this racing game opens up for everybody from different countries all around the world.

About Game Need For Speed World and Download

All about Need For Speed World

At first, get yourself a user account to play Need for Speed World. Then you will create your profile and get yourself a car to begin the race. At the beginning, the car selection is limited. Normally, you get a small and not too fancy car. If you want to buy a better car, you must level up by collecting experience point from races.

Players can go anywhere they like in Need For Speed World. In break time, they could explore this huge world, studying or make friends with other players by a chat module integrated with the game. Just one click, player can participate in thrilling races both online and offline. This game are for both single and multiplayer, sometimes, players will have to run away from police.

Although this video racing game is free, player still have to pay for any extras. There is a car shop with many options. Particularly, players can buy car insurance to protect their vehicle, rent a powerful car to ensure the rate of winning in a specific race or gets power-ups to upgrade their car. It is required cash for every extra you get.

All about Need For Speed World

Welcome to an intuitive Racing Game

Need For Speed World is a competitive online racing game with an arcade style handling. Players can drive full speed and take a drift around the corner or knockdown other players without any visible scratch. However, players still need a pit stop during the race.

Review about the Graphics of Need For Speed World Game

Although the graphic of the game is not as realistic and accurate like other games, it still is quite good. The cars always show the best shape without any signs of dents, scratches or torn fenders. However, game soundtrack is not really impressive, like any other in this game franchise.

New Territory in MMOG

Although Need For Speed World is not different from any other racing game, it offers new territory in racing MMOG. In particular, the game is easy to play especially for beginner because of its arcade style.

There are some complaints about ghost shadow in free mode or the less interaction and the unnoticeable feelings of MMO community. However, Need For Speed World is still an exciting game to try.

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