How to install Steam games on Windows

Before install Steam games, you need download Steam latest version here. Steam is a games platform which is developed by Valve. This program supports users to download, install and enjoy the latest video games available on the Steam market such as DOTA 2, Team Fortess 2,Call of Duty v.v.

Setup Steam
How to install Steam

Before installing Steam software, you must make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements (click here to check) or Recommended system requirements of Steam.

Step By Step to install Steam games software

You have 7 steps to complete setup Steam games. After install Steam, you need create an Steam account then download or buy games from Steam Store (like dota 2) and play.

Step 1: Open Steam Installation

Open file “SteamSetup.exe” by double click or right click then select “Open” to begin Steam Installation

open steam installation
Run file SteamSetup.exe

Step 2: Welcome to the Steam Setup

When “Welcome to the Steam setup” appear, you click “Next” to continue install steam.

Start setup steam
Click Next

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Step 3: Accept the Steam’s license agreement

– Check box “I accept the license agreement AND I am 13 years old or older”, then click “Next” to accept Steam license

accept steam license
Click Next to continue

Step 4: Select Steam Games language

Check box on your language, if you speak english, check english box then click “Next >” to continue install steam

Select steam language
Select Steam language

Step 5: Choose Steam Install Location

Setup will install Steam in the folder you choose, folder default is C:\Program Files\Steam. If you want install Steam games in a different folder, click Browse and select another folder.

choose steam install folder
Choose folder and click Install

Click “Install” button to start Steam installation

Step 6: Now, Wait while Steam is being installed

steam is installing
Installing steam

Step 7: Completing the Steam Setup

When you see windows “Completing the Steam setup”, you click “Finish” to close Setup, Check “Run Steam” box if you want to run Steam after click finish.

completing steam setup
Click Finish

Notes: In the first time you run Steam after install, Steam will run update program, wait while Steam is being updated.

update steam
Steam is updating

Now, you can create a steam account to download and play games (See how to create steam account)