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Game CrossFire is an online free-to-play video game in which player plays first- person shooter featuring the global conflict between two military organizations,”Black List” and “Global Risk.”

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All About Cross Fire – Game Knife, Shotgun and Headshot

Crossfire game is about a conflict between two forces and players have to choose which side they want to involved, either a Black List or Global Risk mercenary. Team players have to support each other to complete given missions. Excluding the Zombie mode and Wave mode, for each other mode, the maximum of players is limited by 16 people. It means each team will have the maximum of 8 members.

Players will start at trainee and get promoted gradually through many different Military Ranks, until they finally become Marshall, which is the highest rank. This video game also provides players the ability to personalize their character’s appearance and equipment during the game.

about crossfire game
Shotgun, Crossfire game

Like any other games, CrossFire also has a currency of itself, which is known as Game Points (GP). Players can earn GP from completing matches or making extra payment for game’s items or fulfilling given missions. To buy premium and special items, players have to use monetary currencies. Crossfire’s content usually changes in different versions.

All about Weapon of CrossFire game

Developers of Crossfire create this video game’s weapons from the real life weapons. Players can find different kinds of weapons from machine guns, assault rifles to sniper rifles, etc. It is remarkable that all weapons in Crossfire are replicated by their real life version. For instance, machine gun is really heavy, powerful, cause highly destructive effects and takes a long time to reload. Meanwhile, shotguns are effective weapons for a close combat not a long distance fight…

Crossfire weapon
Crossfire Weapon

Besides, there are a wide range of weapons and these weapons differ because of their power. Also, some weapons really differentiate like VIP weapons, which is more powerful than the others. Players have to buy these VIP weapons by using monetary currencies.

Game Crossfire’s Character

Each player has to choose a character to represent him in this fiction world. Although the appearances are not alike, all characters have equally functions and strength. However, there are a few limited-edition characters who own special skill like the ability to see through the smoke or an explosion.

Crossfire’s Character
Commando Character

Some characters in Game Crossfire are fictional while the others base on real Special Forces groups including The Russian OMOH, the LAPD SWAT, the British SAS, the German GSG9, the Korean 707th Special Mission Unit, the United Nations Special Forces, and the American Navy SEALs. It depends on player’s team that characters will have a slightly different appearance.

Normally, it takes GP to buy a character, but for some special character like knight, players have to pay premium payment.

Besides, if players are in Mutation/Hero modes, they also get mutant characters which have different abilities and appearances like the Havoc, the Revenant and the Nanos.

Download Crossfire Europe – Free to Play

For Crossfire Europe to run smoothly, please check Game Crossfire system requiements

Cross Fire Game – System Requirements

Cross Fire Game - System Requirements

GRAPHIC DRIVERS For Cross Fire Europe – Download the lastest graphic driver:

Microsoft DirextX – Download here

NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver – Download here

ATI Graphics Card Driver – Download here

Download CrossFire from Homepage

– Step 1: Visit download page by click link:

Download crossfire europe from homepage
Download CrossFire Europe Game

– Step 2: Click on “CLICK HERE TO START DOWNLOADING CROSSFIRE” or “FULL CLIENT DOWNLOAD FROM MIRROR” to start download Game Crossfire Setup file.

Download Crossfire Europe Game – Quick link

Click the button below to start downloading CrossFire Downloader

File name: Crossfire_downloader.exe

Size: 2.1 MB


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You also can download Full CrossFire Client from link below

File name: Crossfire_Install_ABCD.exe (ABCD is Crossfire’s current version)

Size: 820.01MB

Price: Free to Play


Game homepage:


Mirror link – Cnet

How to install Game CrossFire Europe and How to Play

1. Double click on Crossfire_Install.exe to run CrossFire Europe installer

2. When Security Dialog appears click “Yes” or “Run” to authorize CrossFire Europe installer

3. Read and follow the Game CrossFire Europe Installer instructions to complete setup Game CrossFire Europe to your computer.

4. Register an game account from (click here to signup) to login Crossfire Europe client and play